Updates for July 2001

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HAPPY CANADA DAY! :) :) :) :)

Today-- I updated the credits, and made some small updates on the All Saints site. Also, I corrected a soulDecision lyric, and put up pictures on that site (Already Know My Name) from PsykoBlast in Mississauga last Monday! :)


WOOHOO! :) It's done! BOTH the soulDecision lyrics AND the All Saints lyrics, are all DONE! Until the next soulDecision album! *LOL* Anyways I had to split up the All Saints lyrics pages, so I also updated the site map, as well as the news on both those sites! :) Landmarks: Dawson's Creek characters @ 21000, Thank U Alanis Morissette @ 8000, and Backstreet Boys Lyrics: Black & Blue @ 2000!


Well... Today I put up counters on the two new All Saints lyrics pages, updated the Alanis and Backstreet news and discography, and made small updates on Dawson's Creek and X-Files! :) Landmarks: Push Characters @ 6000, Push Updates @ 1000, Maureen Flannigan Picture Gallery @ 8000 & 9000, Laurie Fortier Picture Gallery @ 5000, and Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 73000, 74000, 75000 & 76000


New Website of the Week today! :) More updates coming soon!


See? I told you! I updated the Push, soulDecision, and Alanis news. Updated the soulDecision and Backstreet Boys discography. Updated the Dawson's Creek character page, X-Files show info, and that's it! :)


Today I put the lyrics up to All I have To Give and Like A Child, on Flying Into The Millennium! :)


Updated the Backstreet Boys news! And I put up the lyrics to I'll Never Break Your Heart (NOT easy!)


Updated the Alanis Morissette news, and put up some more BSB lyrics today!


Fixed a few dead guestbook links (I hope!), put up some more soulDecision links, put up the Emmy nominees on Futurama, Friends, and X-Files, and put up a new website of the week! :)


Not much today (there's not much left to do!). New Website of the week, and a new Quote.... that's it! :)


Updated the BSB news today, and put up the August updates page (Site map, fonts, etc.)


Whew! Big updates today! First: Made a bunch of fixes on the soulDecision Discography and put up some mroe lyrics. Updates to credits resulted. Now the really big (and might I say annoying) update: NBCi.com is closing down all of its XOOM.com websites, so Push A Little Harder is moving. It is now located at http://nealj_3.tripod.com/push/ . Please updates your bookmarks etc. Because of this move, updates occured on the following pages: Dawson's Creek, FAQ, Friends, Links, Useless Facts. Finally, a large overhaul of the sitemap, due to the move, as well as Tripod's new URL's (nealj_3.tripod.com as opposed to members.tripod.com/~nealj_3). Thanks! :) Landmark: Thank U Alanis Morissette Lyrics @ 7000


New Website of the Week today, as well I updated some more things on Already Know My Name! :) Landmarks: Maureen Flannigan Article @ 1000, Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 77000 and 78000, and Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 87000


Today I corrected the lyrics to sD's Get With You, and updated all the poll codes on Push A Little Harder! :)


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